The iPhone 13 series protective cases are exposed. In addition to silicone and leather, there are new cases?

Before the launch of the conference, the suspected iPhone 13 series mobile phone protective case seemed to be exposed in advance.

Apple often seasonally provides new color options for its silicone and leather series. With the release of iPhone 13, new color options are expected.

According to the shared pictures, Apple will provide eight color options for the iPhone 13 series. Compared with the current iPhone 12 silicone case, the new product has a brighter and more vibrant color.
As for the leather series of the iPhone 13 series. Compared with the current iPhone 12 leather series, the color change of the picture is very small.

phone case 2


In general, the colors of iPhone 13 leather may include black, dark purple, light purple, dark green, and yellow-brown.


phone  case


The leather and silicone case are expected, but another picture on Weibo (see the watermark for the source) gives a glimpse of the new protective case design that Apple may launch.


The picture shows a silicone phone case with a translucent design and two-tone processing, reminiscent of the original iPhone design. However, these protective cases did not show the MagSafe ring, which made people suspicious.