Is wireless charging a pseudo demand? Do you value wireless charging when you buy a mobile phone?

Almost all of the recently released flagship phones have wireless charging capabilities, and manufacturers are constantly improving the wireless charging rate. It is reported that Xiaomi already has 67W wireless charging technology. But then again, is wireless charging really useful? In other words, is it really just needed?

Realization of wireless charging


   There are three modes of wireless charging: electromagnetic induction charging, magnetic resonance charging and radio wave charging. Electromagnetic induction charging is the most common method. The higher charging efficiency and lower cost make it a favorite of countless manufacturers, and it is widely used in mobile phone wireless charging solutions.

wireless charger 2

 The principle is that electricity generates magnetism, and magnetism generates electricity. A wireless charger is an electromagnetic conversion device that first converts electrical energy into magnetic energy, and then transmits it to the inside of the phone through the receiving coil in the phone. The inside of the phone undergoes some processing to convert the magnetic energy into electrical energy, thereby generating current for charging the phone. .

It sounds more complicated, but it is more complicated to do. This electromagnetic conversion process will lose a lot of energy, which is technically difficult to achieve. Therefore, mobile phone manufacturers will use their own wireless charging technology to show their muscles.

The pros and cons of wireless charging

  The biggest advantage of wireless charging is its convenience. You only need to put the phone on the charging base. It is suitable for working people. It will not delay anything and reduce the loss of the charging connector to the phone interface.


But its advantages are also its biggest disadvantages. For some people who don’t need to sit in front of the computer all day, the number of times to pick up the mobile phone will be very large, and wireless charging seems so tasteless at this time. For some heavy game players, wireless charging is a cumbersome. This charging mode cannot be used while charging. We can never play with a wireless charger, right?

 For wireless charging, in fact, it differs from person to person and from place to place. For example, some people’s cars have wireless charging functions, and wireless charging is very convenient at this time. In short, many of the functions that are just needed for some people are just needed for some people, but for others, we still have to depend on our own situation.