F6-10000 mah dual usb mobile solar power bank

Battery type: ultra-thin lithium polymer batteries Life:> 500 times Solar panels: high efficiency plate 5.5V / 1.2W Input: 5V.1.5A Output: 5V-2 2A size: 140 * 75 * 20MM Product weight: 245g Color: black + orange, black + black, black + blue Adapter Charging time: 7-9 hours Capacity:20000mah [video width="540" height="540" mp4="https://www.eeon-charger.com/uploads/video.mp4"][/video] Product Features 1, super waterproof level (IP68) the highest waterproof level 2, waterproof, dustproof, drop, shock, anti-flower function (five anti-upgraded version) 3, built-in 8000mAh lithium-ion polymer A product batteries (explosion-proof) 4, external 1.2W US SunPower efficient solar panels, super conversion efficiency of up to 25% 5, composite materials, PC flame retardant materials, safe and worry-free 6, the use of ultra-bright military LED dual-lamp design and SOS emergency signal light (super light) 7, dual USB interface, over-current short-circuit protection (device safety) 8, imports of digital chips, high conversion rate, energy storage Superman first class 9, rear shell compass design; configuration climbing buckle, can be hung on the backpack 10, for iPhone, Android smartphone, iPad, GPS grade digital products Light!!! Lighting mode: strong light LED flashlight for your night escort SOS mode: The international distress signal is three shorts, three longs and three shorts. When a dangerous situation is encountered, this mode can be turned on to send a distress signal. Flash Mode: Flashes approximately 5 times per second. This mode can be turned on in the event of an attack, which can cause transient blindness to the enemy. Packaging Details: Carton Gift box. Delivery Detail: Within 24 hours after payment received with customer appointed shiping ways. Our Services 1. We will reply you in 8 hours due to the time difference.  2. We can do the OEM and ODM service. 3. Protection of your sales area, ideas of design and all your private information.  4. We will provide all the best quality,best service. 5. If  there are any problems with our products , we will send free in the next order