Competitive Price for 3 In 1 Usb Flash Drive - 048-metal robot shape usb flash drive 64gb – EEON

Product name :music man usb flash drive Fastest Model number :EEON-048 Fastest Data transfer rate:10-30MB/S Reading speeding :10-30mb/s Writing speeding ;5-20mb/s Interface:2.0 Material :metal Size:44.5*34*10mm Nw:60g Reading speeding :6-12mb/s Writing speeading :3-6mb/s Where are the gift U disk suitable for: A, large-scale conferences, public relations activities, exhibitions, etc., give participants as gifts and souvenirs; B. Enterprises and institutions give gifts to customers as propaganda carriers for product advertisements, website advertisements, brochures, manuals, etc. C, gifts or gifts, gifts to customers; D. New image of corporate image and product promotion; E. Bundle product sales of enterprise users; Remark: Memory price is unstable, the actual price and customer service contact, thank you 1.The prices are not exact due to the unstable market and exchange of Dollar , please get the exact prices with the reference to the quotation. 2. We should keep following up and sending the update of the shipment to you before Function is introduced 1) adopting USB2.0 interface, support hot plug, plug and play; 2) without external power supply; 3) support the capacity of: 1 gb to 2 gb 4 gb, 8 gb, 16 gb and 32 gb 64 gb 128 gb 4) use a variety of operating platform WIN98/ME/2000/XP/MAC OS8.6/UNIX/LINUX2.4 or updated version (WIN98 must install driver)  5) electronic storage medium. No mechanical components, shock resistant, resistance to electromagnetic interference 6) save the data security 7) to read and write speed: USB2.0 write speed: 3 ~ 5 m/s read speed: 12 ~ 21/s 8) small size, portable Products can be used 1) promotional gifts 2) professional sales tool 3) online market research 4) online product catalogue 5) new members, new students online recruitment 6) online products, policies and regulations propaganda 7) important moment presents commemorative gifts. Gift boxes are: all kinds of carton box tin box blister packing and so on