manufacture portable multifunction usb FM radio solar fan charger power bank with led light


1. Solar panel power: 2Wp 2. Lithium battery capacity: 2000MAH*2 only 3. Fan motor power: 2W 4.USB DC output voltage: 5V 5. Audio power: 3W 6. Frequency response: 150-18000Hz (±3db) 7. Frequency range: 88-108MHZ 8. Table lamp power: 1.6W 9. Spotlight power: 0.5W 10.AC-DC adapter: AC100-240V, DC8.4V/1A 11. Product weight: 1KG, product size: length 186 × width 80 × height 270MM   12. Single product packaging weight: 1.13KG, single product packaging size: length 215 × width 85 × height 275MM   Second, 10 major functions   1. Powered by solar energy: The solar photovoltaic voltage charges the lithium battery inside the machine, and the device will not be overcharged if it is placed in the sun for a long time.   2. Use AC charging: AC-DC adapter to charge the lithium battery inside the machine. Fully charged for 3 hours.   3. Table lamp: 26 LED ultra-high brightness table lamps. Fully charged continuous working time ≥ 9 hours.   4. Spotlight: LED ultra-high brightness spotlights. Fully charged continuous working time ≥ 12 hours.   5. Fan: Five-blade low noise fan. The fan's air volume can be adjusted by adjusting the angle of the solar panel. Fully charged continuous working time ≥ 7 hours.   6. USB interface: 5V output, power or charge for various digital devices such as mobile phones.   7. Digital audio: The digital audio player interface adapts to the U disk and TF card extended playback. ≥6 hours when fully charged for continuous operation.   8. Radio: Electrically tuned FM radio.   9. You can download music directly from your computer to a USB flash drive or TF card for storage.   10. You can listen to music and radio with headphones, or use it as a loudspeaker for your phone.       Third, 11 major features   1. This product has obtained 2 Chinese patent rights: appearance patent and utility model patent.   2. The whole machine is small in size, luxurious and beautiful, easy to operate and easy to carry.   3. Realize 10 kinds of functions, with strong applicability, to meet people's many different use requirements.   4. Solar photovoltaic power is strong, is the real use of solar energy, rather than conceptual photovoltaic products.   5. The machine is designed with super bright spotlights with a visible range of 100M.   6. Ring table lamp, the color temperature is warm white, suitable illumination, protection of vision, meeting office and learning use.   7. Specially designed five-blade fan with moderate air volume and low noise.   8. High-fidelity digital audio player with rich bass and beautiful sound quality. Adapt to U disk and TF card to support large capacity playback. It can also be equipped with high-fidelity headphone output, and the continuous working time will be greatly extended, which is convenient for users in different occasions.   9. The built-in electric tuning FM radio has high sensitivity and adapts to the broadcasting system of each country.   10. Equipped with a wide-voltage AC-DC adapter, which is suitable for countries to use the mains to supplement the energy storage for equipment in special circumstances.    


  1. Charge the battery every 1-2 months when not in use for a long time or place the device in a place with light for a long time (without turning on the main power switch) to extend the battery life.   2. When charging with AC-DC adapter, it is best not to use it at the same time. It is safer to use it after fully charging the charger.   3. Do not place the unit in a damp place or on outdoor rain. Do not fall.   4. Do not put your fingers and other things into the fan guard while the fan is turning.   5. This device is equipped with multiple protection functions and is not easy to damage. If the equipment is not working properly, the battery power in the machine is insufficient. Just use the above two methods to fully charge the device and it will work normally.

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