Best-Selling Wireless Power Bank Joyroom - Eeon-TS01-10000mah customize best portable phone charger power bank – EEON

Product features 1) The appearance of aluminum alloy is stylish, exquisite and elegant. 2) The new imported A polymer battery can charge all mobile phones. 3) Durable, charge and discharge cycles ◎ 500 times. 4) Intelligent control over charge, over discharge, and short circuit protection circuit. 5) Automatic sleep, automatic sleep in non-operating state to prevent power loss. 6) A multi-function, suitable for all devices with USB charging, such as various mobile phones, IPOD, MP3, MP4, IPHONE, GPS, Bluetooth, digital cameras. 7) Plug and Play, USB port power output, plug in the data line to achieve portable, ready to charge. Applicable type: Universal Battery Type: Square Aluminum Shell Material: Alloy Additional features: solar energy Size: 153*76*9mm Power capacity: 20000 Colors: Gold, Silver, Pink, Black, Blue USB1:5V.1A USB2:5V.2A Battery power bank Feature:
  • Lithium-ion batteries
  • Beautifully engineered protective technologies
  • ABS material body
  • Charger's intuitive design makes it ready to use out of the box
  • Plays well with others Charger actively adjusts its output to make sure your device is getting an optimal charge
  • Charger is compatible with mobile devices. It also supports some digital cameras and mobile gaming devices
  • Designed with precision
  • Quality protection: Over-charge, Over Voltage, Over Current Protection  Examine 2 times before packed with retail box
caution:  1.Pls read these instructions carefully as incorrect use of Li-ion batteries may lead to dangers such as overheating,fuming,catching fire.  2. Please charger the Fast Charging 6000mah Battery Charger Power Bank  completely before the first time using it.  3. Before charging the electric device, please confirm the voltage of the electric device. 4. Don't drop, knock, disassemble or attempt to repair the charger by yourself.  5. Don't immerse the charger in water or make it wet.  6. Don't expose the charger to a heat source as fire or heater. 7. Keep out of reach of children. 8. Don't use in the presence of flammable gas.