5000mah huawei p30 P30PRO Back clip battery Mobile phone protective case wireless power bank


1. Battery capacity: 5000MAH 2. Output: DC 5V-0.8A 3. Input: DC 5V-1.5A Max 4. Number of cycles: Circulation: ≧500 times 5. Battery type: polymer lithium battery 6. Working temperature: 0℃-45℃ Size:15*74*18mm

★Product selling point features:

◆ Designed for Samsung s10 series with built-in original polymer lithium battery, which provides extended standby time for mobile phones; ◆ Ingenious shape design, you can enjoy all the functions of the phone without removing the shell; ◆ The battery capacity LED lights show four levels, flashing instructions when charging; ◆ Intelligent key switch, extend the life of the built-in battery, and high safety; ◆ Using sturdy and durable engineering materials to fully protect the phone, charging + protection in one; ◆ Integrated circuit design can avoid short circuit or overtime charging or even operation errors under extreme conditions; ◆ Multiple protection circuit design, safe and reliable; ◆ High-end crystal box packaging;

product instructions:

1. Product configuration: back clip battery + packaging + manual 2. For the first use, please fully charge the battery of the back clip. Generally, the battery of the back clip can be fully charged in 6-10 hours, and the lights are all on after full charge. 3. To charge the battery of the back clip, you need to use the phone's own charger and charging cable to charge the back clip. 4. Put the battery in the back clip on the phone, please slowly align the charging connector of the back clip and insert it, press the back clip charging switch once to start charging the phone, and press the switch again to turn off the charging mode!